The 10 best articles from the SoBros network of 2021


It’s the season. This is our last week of content for the year before I take a good two weeks off and I’m revisiting some of our best stuff that we released this year when we left. We’ve written just under 1,000 articles (as of this writing) on ​​SoBros Network dot com this year, so I think it’s fair to share with you what have been our most viewed articles over the past few years. Last 12 months. This is measured in terms of pure pageviews – which posts were viewed the most, although I have two important qualities. I pulled out all the NFL Top 10s I wrote before the 2021 season and all the drinking games I wrote this year. If I left them, that’s pretty much the whole list and it’s no fun. So, let’s go – our best posts of 2021!

The 10 best articles from the SoBros network of 2021

10. The FirstBank Amphitheater brings the vibes of Starwood back to the Nashville arealink – Yeah, this one is pretty easy to explain – big news from Nashville, and it’s a place that rocked people earlier this year. I was not at all surprised to see this ranking as high as on Google.

9. Take a look at the highest grossing Eddie Murphy’s movies link – I mean… ..I guess there are a lot of people out there who really care about the money Eddie Murphy’s movies made at the box office. I just wish they would listen to the damn podcast that’s built into this one.

8. The 25 best quarterbacks of the 2000s (so far)link – Hey, every now and then I write stuff that is actually half decent and technically sound “journalism” when it comes to SEO. I probably need to update this one from the time it was written because there are still so many pageviews … but that looks like an issue for Stoney to be resolved in 2022.

7. Apparently, undressing in a casino and cutting off all power is frowned upon. link – Here’s a pro tip for you if you want to write click traps to get cheap clicks: put “undress” in a headline. I regularly get disgusted with some of the things people search the internet to find us, and this one always happened. I’m just trying to be funny – there is no nudity on this site. And yet, here, people are hoping to catch a glimpse of some storage. Oh, and by the way, Google is going to turn off advertising for pages like this… just so you all know…

6. I don’t want to cause panic or anything, but I think the aliens are – Honestly, I don’t know how or why some of these stupid posts catch fire on search engines, but they do from time to time.

5. Dennis Kelly leaves behind a legacy of professionalism with the Titanslink – I did this the night he was freed by the Titans. I just sat in my garage and hammered it and posted it ASAP. Dennis is a longtime favorite of the SoBros team and community, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see so many people sharing him.

4. Bill Belichick hung out at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk last weeklink –Nobody in Nashville makes the headlines and buzzes on social media like Bill Belichick and Kid Rock, I guess.

3. Review: Buffalo Wild Wing’s Down South Margaritalink – It was n ° 1 in 2020, and it will not go quietly overnight. Fun fact: this is one of only three articles on the SoBros network to have viewed 15,000 pages. Brittany and I are the only two SoBros authors to achieve this mark.

2. How the hell did Nashville land this Picasso exhibit?link – This one has accumulated serious page views at the start of the year. Whenever I see a spike in site traffic, I always try to identify the source where it came from to see if there is anything that I can replicate for future success. I saw the hits of this one coming from Reddit and should have known not to check, but DAMN made the Nashville subReddit enlighten me for writing this article. I learned a lot about myself that day, namely that I am an idiot and that SoBros Network is a “terrible blog”.

1. Let’s take advantage of Tory Carter to clean up Xavier Rhodes’s shit this morninglink – Yeah… that’s the one. Of all those …. this is it. Some of Tory’s family got their hands on it on social media and it has spread like wildfire on Facebook. For good reason too – Tory Carter was playing like a heat seeking missile and this clip was dominant and hilarious.

Stoney Keeley is the editor of the SoBros Network and a connoisseur of Dogs Playing Poker on Velvet. He is a strong supporter of the GSD team, #BeBetter and “Minds right, ass tight”. “Big Natural” covers the Titans of Tennessee, Nashville, Yankee Candle and a whole host of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley.

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