The 10 most read blog posts of the school year


Are we even surprised that the most read article of the year is about memes? Patrick Gillin and Natalie Morris

ten. A holiday gift from The Ubyssey: A complete list of WiFi passwords for cafes near campus

Unique pageviews: 1,998

Author: Kate colenbrander

At the end of the first semester, The Ubyssey gave you one of the most valuable lessons you’ve ever had at UBC – a list of WiFi passwords at various cafes around town. Be sure to check this article again and leave campus to study for this term’s exams.

9. Internet responds to ‘Snake Sauder’ debacle

Unique pageviews: 2 258

Author: Joshua Azizi

In case you missed the most controversial online war between faculties, revisit the longest story of students hissing at other students at UBC with this article.

8. A final ranking of UBC toilets

Unique pageviews: 2,768

Author: Jusneel mahal

No title is more explicit than this one. The Ubyssey toilets classified throughout campus based on comfort, location and seclusion, all for the benefit of our readers.

7. Bookstore continues to overstate merchandise with $ 1,000 chair

Unique pageviews: 3 189

Author: Joshua Azizi

The the bookstore is notoriously overpriced and last summer, someone thought it would be a good idea to make “alumni chairs” and sell them for $ 1,075.95 – funny how UBC thinks alumni students do not drown in student debt and can lose over a thousand on an ugly and uncomfortable chair.

6. Amazing places on campus to peacefully burst into tears because your life is falling apart

Unique pageviews: 3 754

Author: Joshua Azizi

Feeling like you’re failing in school and in life can take a toll on everyone, and sometimes it’s just for the best to burst into tears to get it all out – even if you have to do it on the spot. 99.

5. Two hazardous material trucks, five fire trucks and two campus security cars showed up to fight a drop of mercury

Unique pageviews: 4 819

Author: Emma Hicks

Perhaps the most dramatic moment in UBC history was commemorated this fall when an abundance of emergency responders showed up on campus for even the tiniest drop of mercury. However, a puppy was the hero of this story because he was the one who found the spill in the first place.

4. UBC ranks second to last among Canada’s most ‘party’ universities

Unique pageviews: 6,592

Author: Emma Hicks

It’s no secret that UBC is pretty lame compared to our East Coast contemporaries in terms of partying. McGill, Queens and Western all triumph over UBC when it comes to giving up booze.

3. UBC accidentally listed North Korea as a top donor to UBC Science in the Earth Science Building

Unique pageviews: 6,748

Author: Joshua Azizi

Ah, Kim Jong-Un, our favorite UBC donor. It means a lot to UBC to have such strong relationships with international partners given the rising international tuition fees.

2. Johnny Depp films on campus and Santa Ono is a fan girl

Unique pageviews: 7.136

Author: Emma Hicks

Depp was probably the biggest name to come to campus this year and Ono didn’t miss the chance to use his hugely active Twitter account to spread it to his followers.

1. UBC and SFU are in a memes war and no one is safe – not even Douglas College

Unique pageviews: 12,316

Author: Joshua Azizi

Are we even surprised that the most read article of the year – not just on the blog – is about memes?

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