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Whether you say it “FYE-nance” or “fih-NAHNCE”, “finance” can be an intimidating word. This is partly because it refers to several different overlapping universes – there is corporate finance, personal finance, government finance and… financial finance, that is to say what all those well-dressed people in lower Manhattan do all day.

This is where we come in. Morning Brew’s expert curators have tapped into industry professionals, sifted through years of blog posts, and read every shareholder letter Warren Buffett has sent to bring you a 10-step guide to the best finance resources.

  • What you won’t find here: Fluffy websites that tell you what you already know, like “the stock market doesn’t equal the economy.”
  • What you will find: Insightful case studies, podcasts, articles and more that will give you a 101 level understanding of finance without putting you to sleep.

So grab a triple espresso from La Colombe and enjoy.

1. The fundamentals

2. Financial instruments

3. Value or growth investing

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4. Financial crises

5. Critics/Defense

Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street”

6. Success Stories

7. Books

8. The future of finance

9. Free courses and certifications

10. Stay up to date

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