The City of Dayton will launch an updated and expanded website at the start of 22; look for a complete and user-friendly redesign


The City of Dayton has updated its website, which will debut in January 2022.

Over the past four months, City staff and its website developer, Daniel Shields, have been working to modernize the website to create a complete overhaul that is more engaging and user-friendly than the current site. City staff updated and added new interactive content, including a new blog page and calendar that will provide the latest news and information about the City of Dayton, its councils, businesses and citizens.

Using feedback from residents, businesses and City Council, City Administrator Jay Fossett and Deputy City Administrator Jerrod Barks worked closely with Shields to create a fully functional website that leverages technology from today.

“Our website is going from one of the worst in the region to one of the best,” Barks said. “The whole community should benefit greatly from the new features of this website. “

Several new sections have been included in this latest iteration, including a more robust “City News” blog page and an easier-to-use calendar page. Residents will also have the option of requesting time off and picking up brushes from the city’s public works department, asking the police department to carry out a welfare check on a neighbor, or doing a vacation check on a property, to report a violation of the code to the Director of Code Enforcement. , and virtually, much, much more. In addition, homeowners will also be able to pay their property taxes online.

In addition, the site is equipped with several interactive maps that show, among other things, transit routes in the city, public parking, city zoning designations, city sidewalks and the location of properties. rental.

“There is a wealth of information on this site that is now available to residents, business owners and visitors, which they can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Fossett said. “And we’ll continue to build on that and add even more information over time.”

A new Resident Services page will list quick links for residents to access and request a number of city services.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can access the city’s incentive programs and other resources online, including the city’s recently updated Central Business District Grants Program and links to business permits, city zoning applications and information about the city’s historic district. In addition, people looking for or selling commercial space in the City will be able to use the “Available Properties” page, which advertises commercial properties for sale in the City.

The website will remain at and is expected to go live in early January 2022.

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