The Hollywood Reporter nominated for Best Entertainment Publication and Best Website at National A&E Journalism Awards


The Hollywood Reporter landed 39 nominations for the 14th National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, including Best Entertainment Publication, Best Website, Online Journalist of the Year for Lesley Goldberg, and Best Arts & Entertainment Podcast for “Awards Chatter” by Scott Feinberg.

In reality, THR earned two nominations in the Best Publication category, for its Oscar number and for its Stylist number.

Additionally, Tatiana Siegel was nominated for Print Journalist of the Year, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was nominated for Best Columnist, and Sheri Linden and Daniel Fienberg were nominated for Best Film and Television Critic, respectively. Goldberg and Fienberg were also named among the finalists for Best Presenter/Host for their podcast, “TV’s Top 5.”

Of them THR blogs are up for best entertainment blog by an individual or group, linked to an organization: “THR, ESQ” by Ashley Cullins and Eriq Gardner and “The Race” by Feinberg. And Christy Piña was nominated for Best Journalistic Use of Social Media to Tell or Enhance a Story for her work on with THR Cover story by Kelly Marie Tran.

THR landed nominations in a variety of other categories, including investigative reporting, print layout, photography, video and social media. The awards are presented annually by the Los Angeles Press Club.

A list of THR the nominees follow. The full list of finalists is available here.


In line
Lesley Goldberg

To print
Tatiana Siegel

CRITIC – Any media platform (print, broadcast or online)

Sheri Linden

Daniel Fienberg

ANY MEDIA PLATFORM (print, broadcast or online)

Entertainment/Arts Industry Survey
Scott Feinberg, “Catherine Burns: The Disappearance of an Oscar-Nominated Actress”
Kim Masters and Lesley Goldberg, “NBC Insiders Say Entertainment Boss Fostered Toxic Culture, Under Investigation”

Celebrity Survey
Gary Baum, “Rot on the Hollywood ‘Playground’: Chateau Marmont Staff Allege Racial Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Negligent Management”
Tatiana Siegel, “‘He’s Radioactive’: Inside Johnny Depp’s Self-Made Implosion”

Diversity in the Entertainment Industry, Printing
Rebecca Sun, “From Punchline to Oscar Contenders: The Late Rise of Asians in Hollywood”

Pandemic report, entertainment topic, print/online
Ashley Cullins, “New Year’s Nightmare: COVID-19 Litigation Piles Up”

Movie & TV Personalities, Obituaries/In Thanksgiving
David Rooney, “Critics Appreciation: Sean Connery, ‘300 Years But Still A Stallion'”

PHOTOGRAPHY/ART, online or print

Portrait photograph
Ash Barhamand, Jenny Sargent and Lia Clay Miller, “Billy Porter”

Photo documentary
Ash Barhamand, Kayla Landrum and Phylicia JL Munn, “Dramatic Actresses Emmy 2021”
Jenny Sargent, Ash Barhamand, Kayla Landrum, Natalia Giallucca, Zoe McConnell and Sami Drasin, “2021 Oscars Dramatic Actresses”

Kelsey Stefanson and Agata Nowicka, “THR Icon: Quincy Jones Reflects on His Career, Michael Jackson and Why He Wouldn’t Work With Elvis”

Peter B. Cury, “Daveed Diggs Has Not Changed. We were doing”

Peter B. Cury, “This is what HIV status looks like now”

PRINT — Newspapers or magazines

General news
Ryan Parker, “Disneyland v Gov. Newsom: When Will the Deadlock Over Reopening End?”
Tatiana Siegel, “Hollywood and the Police: A Deep, Complicated, and Now Strained Relationship”

Personality Profile, Television and Other Arts – Less than 2,500 words
Rebecca Keegan, “What It Was Like to Be the First Woman to Lead a Network Television Show”
Seth Abramovich, “Searching for Shelley Duvall: The Reclusive Icon on the Flight from Hollywood and the Scars of Making ‘The Shining'”

TV/Movie Industry Feature – Less than 1,000 words
Rebecca Keegan, “ArcLight Employees Mourn Theater Closure: ‘Nobody Expected It'”

Creative/Performing Arts Characteristic – Over 1,000 words
Seth Abramovich, “‘Paris Is Burning’ Emcee Junior LaBeija on ‘Pose,’ RuPaul and Why He Never Let Hollywood Tell His Story”

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Entertainment publication – magazine or supplement
Hollywood journalist, “Oscar Question”
Hollywood journalist, “Stylists problem”


Hard news feature – Less than 5 minutes
Tiffany Taylor, Jason Bass, Brian Zambuto, Shira Brown and Lee Schneller, “‘Black Panther’ Star Chadwick Boseman Dies at 43”

Hard news feature – longer than 5 minutes
Tiffany Taylor, Neha Joy, Jordyn Rolling, Jason Bass and Lee Schneller, “Andra Day and Roxanne Gay on ‘America vs. Billie Holiday,’ Addiction & Race in America”

Soft News function – More than 5 minutes
Neha Joy, Jason Bass, Brian Zambuto, Shira Brown & Lee Schneller, “Billy Porter Opens Up About Being Diagnosed HIV-Positive 14 Years Ago: ‘I’ve Been Silenced'”


Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg, “TV’s Top 5”

Best Art or Entertainment Podcast
Scott Feinberg, “Awards Speech”


hard news
Tatiana Siegel, “Charlotte Kirk, Kevin Tsujihara and a non-consensual sex allegation that sparked a secret legal saga”

Celebrity News
Ashley Cullins, “Britney Spears’ capacity questioned as attorney defends lack of live testimony”

Personality Profile, Movie
Aaron Couch, “The Ultimate Spider-Man Collection Will Be Sold Under Heartbreaking Circumstances”

Comment Analysis/Trend — TV
Daniel Fienberg, “Critic’s Notebook: With Capitol Attack, Trump’s America Hits New Live TV Low”

entertainment website
The Hollywood Reporter staff,

Entertainment blog by an individual or group, linked to an organization
Ashley Cullins and Eriq Gardner, “THR, ESQ”
Scott Feinberg, “The Race”


Best journalistic use of social media to tell or enhance a story
Christy Pina, The Hollywood Reporter, “Kelly Marie Tran”

Additionally, a trio of THR the writers were nominated for their work in other media: Abbey White for a media package at Insider (“259 LGBTQ characters in cartoons that bust the myth that kids can’t handle inclusion”); Beatrice Verhoeven for a feature film at The Wrap (“Why are so many high-profile executives abandoning Hollywood during the pandemic?”); and Kim Masters for two KCRW interviews (“It’s Devastating to See the People’s House Desecrated”: George Clooney on the Insurrection” and “Former Assistants on Working with Scott Rudin: “It’s War Time …all you think about is how you survive it’”).

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