The Money Factor in Elections, Caste Issues in Goa, NL Website Changes


There is no shortage of analyzes of elections, based on caste combinations, unemployment, nationalism and so on. Unfortunately, the most important factor in elections; money, is barely mentioned in the discussions. The BJP has at least a five to one advantage over its rivals in any election. I live in the United States and here any political analyst first mentions the money available to each candidate in any race. This is the most important indicator of who will win.

Of course, the rest of the media gets a slice of that pie, but Newslaundry is not part of this game. I believe that the role of money and its hidden sources should be part of every election analysis.



Caste and religion are definitely a huge factor in Goa. It’s just dismissed or swept under the rug by most upper caste intellectuals. Heck, there is a detail about the ironclad caste divisions, between Hindus and Christians in Goa.

Caste and religion are very important in Goa. See for example the results of the elections of the constituency of Curtorim. The winner, Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco is an upper caste Bamon Christian. Look at the lower caste Catholic, Domingo Gaunkar (Dominic), who ran against him. Even though he lost by a big margin, a lot of people voted for Dominic.

There are very good factors that are not noticeable at play in the caste and religious politics of Goa. Please talk to someone more experienced on these issues and dig deeper.



Hello team,

I am one of your silent subscribers who likes to listen and not rant. However, this will be an exception. Three points:

Cosmetic changes to your website have rendered it unusable. Like right now, I couldn’t find the google forms to write to Hafta.

Second point, on March 10, I opened the NL website at 3pm IST looking for election results, but there was only a live blog ranting about who said what on which channel. I wish there was just a banner on your website displaying the election results or at least a static web page updated every hour with the results. Don’t say it was a technical challenge.

Last point, I appreciate the electoral fieldwork, but are you caught in a bubble? In Goa, your summary after most shows was that there is huge frustration against the BJP and this could be the election of anyone in Goa except the BJP. Do you think you only talk to people in the field whose opinion you like, as well as to subscribers?

Thank you,



Hi Hafta panelists,

I wanted to know if the death of Ponty Chadha had harmed Behenji, since Ponty bhai used to finance so many election campaigns for the BSP.

Newslaundry evangelist,


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