The Morning After: NASA gets its first sample of Mars


Singapore is well known for its strict laws (and penalties for failing to comply with them). It now has a new ally in the fight against chewing gum, litter and more serious crimes. The country has started. Over the next three weeks, Xavier robots will monitor crowds at Toa Payoh Central in Singapore for what the country’s authorities describe as “unwanted social behavior” – including any group of people. The country’s current COVID-19 security measure bans congregations of more than five people.

Singapore Home Team Science and Technology Agency

To gauge the crowd, Xavier models have cameras that create 360-degree views. They are also capable of capturing images in low light conditions using infrared and low light cameras. An AI system also analyzes the captured video for anything that may require a human response. The robot has sensors to avoid stationary and moving objects – and, for robot sake, let’s hope there aren’t.

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The front-wheel drive hatch will fit under the VW ID.3.

The ID.Life concept is a front-wheel drive electric vehicle for city dwellers, announced by VW at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. The small crossover shares the MEB platform and battery with the ID.3, and VW plans to launch it in Europe – not the United States – by 2025.

As we see in Munich, the ID.Life concept aims to show how VW can create more sustainable vehicles. It uses wood chips as a natural dye in the transparent paint, and the roof air chamber fabric is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Other materials include wood in the dashboard and ArtVelours Eco seats, as well as natural rubber, bio-oil and rice husks in the tires.

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He will arrive alongside “Top Gun: Maverick,” which Paramount once again rejected.

Top Gun: Maverick Finally was due to arrive in theaters, but Paramount has pushed back the release date again, and the sequel is now expected to arrive six months later, on May 27, due to COVID-19. This decision also the planned for , because Asobo Studio also delayed this.

The studio wrote in : “As we announced previously, the Top Gun: Maverick extension for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 10 PC, Steam, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox Game Pass will be released along with the movie.

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The mission to bring him back to Earth will be a little more difficult.

NASA successfully samples the core of Perseverance


After initially struggling to capture a rock sample, NASA confirmed that the Perseverance rover collected a rust-colored rock core the width of a pencil. It is now safe inside the rover’s sample tube, ready to be processed and sent back to Earth.

NASA believed it caught the first sample last month, but a subsequent check showed the sample tube to be empty. NASA ultimately determined that the sample was too powdery to collect. “The hardware worked as ordered, but the rock didn’t cooperate this time,” the engineers joked.

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This is the dream of the sustainable vehicle business in 2040.

BMW's 'recyclable' i Vision Circular Concept EV has a weird crystal interface


It can’t be a transportation show without some weird concept vehicles. It’s BMW’s turn, and it’s another take on more sustainable materials and automotive production methods. BMW has avoided using composite materials and bonded connections to facilitate end-of-life EV failure. Rather, it’s constructed mostly from recycled aluminum and uses quick-release clips, snaps, and cords, so recyclers can take it apart easily. BMW claims it is 100 percent recyclable.

Then there’s the V-shaped dashboard, which you can see above. The central part is a 3D printed crystal sculpture that uses lighting to simulate the “thinking” of the vehicle, according to BMW. Ah of course.

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