The National Research Institute refutes the articles on the PNG Blog site


Press Release: NRI

The National Research Institute (NRI) today expressed serious concern over a recent article published by an anonymous writer claiming to be a member of the NRI research staff on the PNG Blogs website. As an independent government think tank, the NRI generates knowledge and provides sound policy analysis based on research.

The institute’s professional staff follow ethics and approved publishing protocols when posting information through NRI publications, NRI’s own blog, Spotlight with NRI articles and commentary on topics of news based on

solid analysis. All articles go through a rigorous process where they are peer reviewed or commented on by staff and colleagues at PNG and abroad. Additionally, all articles are sanctioned by the NRI Director for publication.

Therefore, the NRI dissociates itself from the published article. The Institute is not comfortable with the content of the article as it is an unauthorized article. Based on the writing style, the language used and the structure of the writing, the institute is satisfied that the article was written by someone other than a member of the research staff on duty. In addition, internal investigations to date support this claim.

We therefore ask the author to reveal his identity. The NRI would like to discuss with the author how we could rectify this unfortunate incident as it discredits a reputable and credible organization and tarnishes its professional and public image not only in PNG but also abroad.

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