The Porsche Paint To Sample program offers 160 colors and infinitely more


Is your dream Porsche really a dream Porsche? With Paint to Sample, this is not necessary.

If you want a Porsche, but you feel like it needs a personal touch, Paint to Sample has just what you need. By sending Porsche a color sample and sometimes waiting up to a year for a feasibility study to be done, and most importantly paying up to $ 25,660 to get the job done, you can get all Porsches, at except Cayenne, in literally anything. color you want. Paint to Sample also offers a list of pre-approved colors, which alone expand the list of colors you can turn your Porsche into a library of unique shades for varying tastes.

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This list has now grown to include 160 colors. If you choose one of the pre-approved colors, it only costs half the price, up to $ 12,830. Paint to Sample is just one reason to covet a Porsche as a personal and unique addition to any collector’s garage. With Paint to Sample, your next car can be a leader in dynamism, performance, motorsport heritage and now self-expression. View all of the current Porsche inventory for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below. Check back in duPont REGISTRY Daily for more Porsche news and releases.

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