The Top 20 Upcoming Education Articles of 2021


1. Pandemic survey of parents reveals perverse pattern: students are more likely to attend school in person where Covid is spreading faster
The majority of students receive fully distance education; Students in private schools are more likely to be in person full time
By Michael B. Henderson, Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West

2. Critical Race Theory Clashes with the Law
Can a school require students to “confess their privilege” in class?
By Joshua Dunn

3. Teaching about slavery
“Asking how to teach slavery is a bit like asking why we teach at all”
By Danielle Allen, Daina Ramey Berry, David W. Blight, Allen C. Guelzo, Robert Maranto, Ian V. Rowe and Adrienne Stang

4. Ethnic Studies in California
An unstable jump from college campuses to K-12 classrooms
By Myriam Pawel

5. Segregation and racial differences in special education
New evidence on the disproportionality debate
By Todd E. Elder, David Figlio, Scott Imberman and Claudia Persico

6. Make education research relevant
How researchers can give teachers more choice
By Daniel T. Willingham and David B. Daniel

7. Proving the school-to-prison pipeline
Stricter Colleges Increase Risk of Adult Arrests
By Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Stephen B. Billings and David J. Deming

8. What I’ve Learned in 23 Years Ranking America’s Toughest High Schools
Most students are able to learn much more than what they are asked to do
By Jay Mathews

9. A test for testers
College Board, ACT grow and diversify as pandemic fuels trend of elective test admissions
By Jon Marcus

10. Coping with a significant learning loss in mathematics during Covid-19 and beyond
The pandemic has amplified existing skills gaps, but new strategies and technologies could help
By Joël Rose

11. The shrinking school week
Effects of a four-day schedule on student success
By Paul N. Thompson

12. Computing for all?
As a new topic spreads, debates erupt over what precisely is taught, to whom, and for what purpose.
By Jennifer Oldham

13. The Covid-19 pandemic is a lousy natural experiment to study the effects of e-learning
Instead, focus on measuring the overall effects of the pandemic itself
By Andrew Bacher-Hicks and Joshua Goodman

14. School choice progresses in the United States
Defenders describe ‘year of breakthrough’
By Alan Greenblatt

15. School closure policy
Teacher unions and the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe
By Susanne Wiborg

16. Move to trash
Five educational practices in the age of the pandemic that deserve to be thrown in the trash
By Michael J. Petrilli

17. School choice and “the really disadvantaged”
Vouchers boost college education, but not for the students who need it most
By Albert Cheng and Paul E. Peterson

18. The orchid and the dandelion
New research reveals a link between genetic variation and the way students respond to teaching. The potential implications for schools and society are vast.
By Laurence Holt

19. What’s next in New Orleans
The city of Louisiana has the most unusual school system in America. But can the new board of a radically decentralized district meet the latest challenges?
By Danielle Dreilinger

20. Betsy DeVos and the future of education reform
My years as Assistant Secretary of Education have allowed me to see first-hand how the infighting among educational reformers is hampering progress towards change.
By Jim Blew

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