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The new year brings the promise of COVID-19 vaccines, but also infections and deaths from the virus and a vaccine rollout plagued by delays and confusion. Meanwhile, a new administration with new health policy priorities on a wide range of issues is about to take office.

As we contemplate the opportunities and challenges of the 2021 health policy, we return to the top Health affairs articles from 2020 and how these and other articles from the journal have shaped the policy debate. For 2020, we are going beyond the typical “top 10” to share with you the 20 most read articles of the year. Number one on our “20 for 20” list is Wei Lyu and George Wehby’s review of one of the most debated health policy issues of the past year: the effect of compulsory use. face masks in public. The authors found that state mask warrants were associated with significant reductions in the spread of COVID-19.

Read the full list below. Besides, Health affairs offers all the most read articles in a new collection of articles grouped together for sale. This collection, along with three others launched today, provides additional information on items from Health affairs editors. Other collections include: the evolution of primary care; substance use; and the choices of our editor, Alan Weil.

Here is the 2020 Health affairs the first twenty:

  1. Community use of face masks and COVID-19: Evidence from a natural experience of state mandates in the United States, by Wei Lyu and George L. Wehby
  2. Estimated Infection Death Rate Among Symptomatic COVID-19 Cases in the United States by Anirban Basu
  3. Strong social distancing measures in the United States have reduced the growth rate of COVID-19 by Charles Courtemanche et al.
  4. The potential health care costs and resource use associated with COVID-19 in the United States by Sarah M. Bartsch et al.
  5. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital admissions in the United States by John D. Birkmeyer et al.
  6. Disparities in Outcome Among COVID-19 Patients in a Large California Health Care System by Kristen MJ Azar et al.
  7. The ACA’s individual mandate in retrospect: what has it done and where do we go from now? By Matthieu Fiedler
  8. Clinical results of a COVID-19 vaccine: implementation versus efficacy by A. David Paltiel, Jason L. Schwartz, Amy Zheng and Rochelle P. Walensky
  9. COVID-19 and Racial / Ethnic Disparities in Health Risks, Jobs and Household Composition by Thomas M. Selden and Terceira A. Berdahl
  10. Quantification of health systems investment in social determinants of health, by sector, 2017-19 by Leora I. Horwitz et al.
  11. National Health Expenditure Projections, 2019-28: Expected Price Rebound Leads to Increased Spending Growth by Sean P. Keehan et al.
  12. Incarceration and Its Broadcasts: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic from Cook County Jail in Chicago by Eric Reinhart and Daniel L. Chen
  13. Self-isolation compliance in the compensation-influenced COVID-19 era: results of a recent investigation in Israel by Moran Bodas and Kobi Peleg
  14. Death rates from COVID-19 are lower in nursing homes unionized by Adam Dean et al.
  15. The Risk of Severe COVID-19 in Households of School Employees and School-Age Children by Thomas M. Selden et al.
  16. Implications of the Rapidly Growing Nurse Practitioner Workforce in the United States by David I. Auerbach et al.
  17. Medicaid Work Requirements in Arkansas: Two-Year Impacts on Coverage, Employment, and Accessibility of Care by Benjamin Sommers et al.
  18. Evidence-Based Community Health Worker Program Responds to Unmet Social Needs and Generates Positive Return on Investment by Shreya Kangovi et al.
  19. Direct expenditure on maternity care among women with employer-sponsored insurance, 2008-15 by Michelle Moniz et al.
  20. Shelter-in-Place orders reduced COVID-19 mortality and growth rate of hospitalizations by Wei Lyu and George L. Wehby

If you haven’t already, take a look at the lessons from COVID-19 research featured in Health affairs, the ten most read in 2020 Health affairs Most read blog posts and GrantWatch articles from the past year.

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