This is the best Chinese restaurant in NJ, according to the website


New Jersey has plenty of options for fans of Chinese food – however, food blog 24/7 Wall Street ranked a Chinese restaurant in the Garden State above all others.

The Sichuan house in Hamilton was ranked by the site as the best Chinese restaurant in all of New Jersey.

Located half a mile from the city’s sculpture grounds, Szechuan House is touted not only as the best Chinese seal in the state, but the top 100 in all of the United States, its website says.

“Those who love to travel and try new dishes will have the chance to taste authentic Chinese food in their own neighborhood without having to spend thousands of dollars to travel to China,” the restaurant’s website read. “We have foodie customers who come from as far away as New York and Washington DC to sample our food.”

One glance at the menu and it’s easy to see why Szechuan House is so popular: the authentic offerings range from egg rolls, lo mein, and moo shu to more daring and less common options like baked pork blood with tripe. beef, tea smoked duck and pork intestine.

House specialties include cuttlefish, sizzling lamb and braised frog.

Szechuan House has achieved an impressive Google rating of 4.2 / 5 stars with almost 300 reviews.

“Amazing authentic and spicy Sichuan,” wrote a recent reviewer. “They serve more common Chinese American dishes, but you miss out if you don’t try the specialties!”

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Szechuan House, 2022 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Township

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