Top 10 articles on the digital transformation of 2021


In 2021, CIOs entered the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. After ramping up their digital transformation efforts to get their workforce up and running remotely, executives quickly found their hard work rewarded with harder work: namely, transforming the customer and employee experience, scaling up efforts. security and keep up with the breakneck pace of digital acceleration without depleting their talent.

Looking back on our most popular digital transformation articles of 2021, it’s clear that CIOs are seizing this opportunity to drive business strategy, set ambitious goals for their organizations, and work in new, agile ways to achieve them.

“As we continue to move the digitization agenda forward, it opens up a world of opportunity – literally – for IT and business operations. Now, geographic boundaries are mostly irrelevant, and from now on we will enjoy the flexibility to place employees anywhere. they are necessary and give them the freedom to choose where they live and work. With greater adoption of cloud technologies, there are almost no limits, ”writes Linda Kahangi, Director of Information and Operations (CIOO) at Nomadix Inc.

10 must-haves for digital transformation

Let’s take a look back at some of the lessons and tips about digital transformation that resonated the most with Enterers Project readers in 2021.

The main KPI for digital transformation work during the pandemic was speed: what’s next? Consider these digital transformation measures

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Defining your organization’s digital transformation team for 2021 will be especially important as businesses accelerate work amid the pandemic. Data, cloud and security expertise is all the rage, but don’t overlook UX

The pandemic has forced organizations to increase their IT investments and prioritize their digital transformation initiatives. These three factors will continue the push towards innovation

The skills of a successful digital transformation leader can be very different from those of a traditional IT manager. For aspiring digital transformation leaders – or CIOs seeking digital leadership roles – these characteristics and skills are important.

You can read the list and think, “wow, I haven’t met a lot of these people” – and you would be right. But you can learn from their digital transformation style

Are your digital initiatives truly transformative or just an upgrade? Consider these five defining characteristics of a true digital transformation

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The pandemic has only underscored the need to accelerate the work of digital transformation. Avoid five common pitfalls

Digital transformations don’t fail because of technology. They fail when organizations neglect to develop better ways of solving problems, testing ideas, and managing work – what we call agility.

Learn more about digital transformation

Do you prioritize user experience in your digital transformation efforts? Let’s take a look at the questions to ask regarding change management, internal champions, training and metrics.

After the upheaval of 2020, are you cultivating the loyalty of your employees? Build in security from the start? CIOs leading digital transformation in 2021 face new risks and opportunities

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