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The Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) has launched a new look to its website to improve user experience and continue to serve as a trusted resource for the public, press, and regulatory and legislative officials looking to learn more on the oil and natural gas industry in Texas.

“Today’s oil and gas industry in Texas is harnessing technology and innovation like never before, advancing environmental progress, enriching our state’s economy, and enabling modern life as we know it” , said Todd Staples, president of TXOGA. “The complexity of this industry and the benefits it provides to our state, our nation, and the world often get lost in conversations about our energy needs, so our online efforts host information like this as well as the latest industry news for anyone looking to find the facts about irreplaceable oil and natural gas.

The website redesign coincides with a new campaign to educate all Texans about the benefits of the industry, whether or not you live in or near the oil patch.

“Oil and natural gas make Texas cleaner by leading emissions progress and strengthening their economic contributions that support our schools, teachers, roads, infrastructure and essential services,” Staples said. “In short, oil and natural gas improve lives by providing the fuels, energy and products we rely on every day. »

The TXOGA website includes general industry, policy, and issue information, as well as an archive of updates, blogs, and press releases. It also highlights member benefits such as the TXOGA Insurance Agency and Association Health Plan, as well as ways to become more involved with the TXOGA Career Center and the TXOGA PAC.

Visit www.txoga.org to learn more.

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