[Updated] Roblox app and website down or not working? You’re not alone


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The original story (published June 4, 2021) follows:

Roblox is an online gaming platform as well as a game creation space developed by Roblox Corporation. It gives players the freedom to program their own games and play games created by other users.

The platform is complex and hence has had a bad reputation when it comes to its operations. The Roblox app and website crashes and stops working quite often.

There seems to be a similar outage as we speak where users are having trouble accessing the app.

And in case you’re trying to figure out why the Roblox app and website aren’t working for you, take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one experiencing issues lately.

A quick look at the micro-blogging site Twitter indicates that there are many others affected by the same problem.

According to reports, while some say the service is not working or not working for them, others are not loading icons, images and thumbnails.

For a quick look, here’s how some of the complainants frame the issue:

#robloxdown Is it just me or things on the site (pictures, clothes) not loading
The source

Roblox has these issues at 3am and it’s basically down -_-
The source

is roblox down for anyone?
I can’t even continue because things are not loading. #RobloxDown
The source

roblox down
Source (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Crash Detector – a popular service that provides live crash information – also indicates that Roblox is indeed going through a problem and the sharp spike can be seen in the image below:

(Website, Twitter)

Any official word on the subject? Negative, so far. We have yet to locate a word of official service channels or their social media handles.

In fact, the official status says it’s still operational. This means that the company has yet to notice the reports.

Rest assured that we are keeping an eye on all related developments and will update this page with relevant information as we come across it.

So if you encounter the problem described here, stay tuned for updates.

Update 1 (August 05)

Many users have taken to platforms such as Twitter to report that they are unable to play the game on multiple platforms.


Roblox has also confirmed that there are “degraded performance” issues affecting all platforms on its official status page.

Update 2 (August 20)

Roblox is down and not working according to a flood of reports on various social platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

#RobloxDown yep roblox down my homepage is empty (Source)

Roblox is down, my soul is gone. I did my 4 Genshin commissions also I don’t know what to do help me with my bordem (Source)

Yes me and my friend were playing then he tried to join then all roblox server crashed for him (Source)

The official status page also states that the service is facing disruptions and the team is working on a fix. The current state indicates that it is only a partial interruption.

Update 3 (August 30)

New reports now indicate that Roblox is once again facing an outage. This, as reported by a flurry of new reports on social networks. Likewise, Downdetector reports a massive increase in the number of new reports.

downdetector roblox

Update 4 (October 29)

Many people have taken to Twitter to report that Roblox is down and no longer working. Roblox has yet to comment on the outage.

is roblox down for anyone else? (Source)

#RobloxDown is someone having the same problem, I can’t log in idk if it’s just me, but please tell me if you have the same, I have doubts about the cause I forgot my password (Source)

roblox still down for an hour now #RobloxDown (Source)

Update 5 (October 30)

Roblox confirmed that they are “still making progress on today’s outage”. But there is no ETA for a resolution. That said, service should return to normal as soon as possible.

Still making progress on today’s outage. We will continue to keep you updated. Again, we apologize for the delay. We know that this outage was not related to specific experiences or partnerships on the platform. (Source)

Update 6 (01 November)

Roblox has come out to inform its players that the game is now back online after the previously reported outage.

roblox is back online

Update 7 (December 10)

New reports on Twitter and Downdetector indicate that Roblox is down and not working for many users.

Is roblox going back down or what’s going on (Source)

@InsideRoblox or @Roblox when is oculus roblox coming out?? (Source)

LMAO Roblox is actually down again- (Source)

Update 8 (January 21)

1:48 p.m. (IST): Many Roblox players have taken to Twitter to report that the platform is currently down and not working.

I guess roblox down is done now, so I’ll go invisible again #Roblox (Source)

#RobloxDown Another wave of roblox is down (Source)

We have not yet encountered official recognition.

Update 05 (05 February)

5:56 p.m. (IST): Many players have adopted Twitter to report that Roblox is down or no longer working. And reports on Downdetector also suggest that this online game is indeed in trouble.

Unfortunately, Roblox has yet to comment on the outage and we’ll report back as anything new arises.

Update 06 (February 08)

10:16 a.m. (IST): According to reports on Downdetector, it looks like the issue with Roblox has been resolved for many users. But some are still reporting issues with the game.

Update 07 (09 April)

11:58 a.m. (IST): Many users have adopted Twitter to report that Roblox is currently down or not working for them. Additionally, reports on Descent detector also suggest the same.

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