Vettel loses second place in Hungary after disqualification over fuel sample issue


Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel lost his second place and was disqualified from the Hungarian Grand Prix results after race officials were unable to take the required fuel sample from his car after the race.

Under the technical regulations, competitors must ensure that a 1.0 liter sample of fuel can be taken from the car at any time during the event. However, it was only possible to draw 0.3 liters from Vettel’s Aston Martin after Sunday’s race.

The move means Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton inherits second place, while Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz is placed third on the final podium.

Aston Martin has announced their intention to appeal, adding on Twitter: “The 18-point loss is disappointing for the team, but that doesn’t take away from Sebastian’s otherwise flawless drive.

“Today we showed that our car has a good race pace. Forward and up.”

The rest of the top 10 behind Vettel also inherits one place apiece, with Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen promoted from P11 to the final paying position of P10.

The result also means Hamilton extends his title lead over Max Verstappen by two more points after taking 18 points to two for Verstappen.

The verdict of the commissioners in its entirety

“The Stewards heard from the team representative.

“After the race it was not possible to take a 1.0 liter fuel sample from car 5.

“The team had several opportunities to try to remove the required amount of fuel from the tank, but it was only possible to pump 0.3 liters.

“During the hearing in the presence of the FIA ​​Technical Delegate and the FIA ​​Technical Director, the Aston Martin team principal declared that there must remain 1.44 liters in the tank, but they are not able to pull it out.This figure is calculated using the FFM or injector model.

“In view of this situation, car n ° 5 does not comply with the requirements of article 6.6 of the FIA ​​Technical Regulations. According to article 6.6.2, competitors must ensure that a 1.0 liter sample of fuel can be taken from the car at all times. The procedure was followed but the 1.0 liter fuel sample could not be taken.

“The Stewards decide to apply the standard penalty for technical infractions. Therefore, they have taken into account that it will not be a defense to claim that no performance advantage has been obtained.

“Competitors are reminded that they have the right to appeal against certain decisions of the Stewards, in accordance with article 15 of the FIA ​​International Sporting Code and article 10.1.1 of the Judicial and Disciplinary Rules of the FIA, within the applicable time limits. “

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