Violence in northeast Delhi: Court authorizes the taking of a voice sample from defendant Meeran Haider


A Delhi court on Friday allowed Delhi police to take a voice sample from Meeran Haider, a defendant in the Delhi violence case. Haider is charged in a larger conspiracy case filed by the Delhi Police Criminal Branch and being investigated by the Special Cell.

Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat granted the request ordering the Delhi Police that the Investigator (IO) coordinate with the CFSL and set a time and date to obtain a voice sample from the accused. The Court ruled on the request saying, “The taking of a voice sample from an accused is an aspect of the investigation. As such, it does not make the accused a witness against himself.”

The defendant had also appeared via Webex and was also briefed on the proceedings. It was submitted by the investigator that the accused Meeran Haider was arrested in the present case on April 1, 2020. During the investigation, the mobile phone of the co-accused, Asif Iqbal Tanha was seized and sent to the CERT-In for review.

He added that data retrieved by CERT-In had been reviewed and incriminating audio call recordings had been found. In these recordings, the accused Meeran Haider was in conversation with Asif Iqbal Tanha. “The defendant’s voice sample is relevant, necessary and desirable for identifying and matching/comparing voice in audio call recordings,” he said. The investigator had also argued that the Court had, on December 15, 2020, authorized the request to search for a voice sample of Asif Iqbal Tanha.

The Court ruled on the request with certain instructions including IO will notify the court of the date and time so that the production warrant for the defendant can be issued for CFSL, CBI, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi at this end. The CFSL Director shall obtain a prepared transcript proposal of the text to be read by the accused and file a sealed report in this court. The Court ordered the prison authorities to ensure the production of the accused at the CFSL at the time and on the date communicated by the OI. The applicant’s lawyer is informed in advance of the date and time of the appearance of the accused at the CFSL. During the process of obtaining the voice sample, the COVID protocol will be respected. (ANI)

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