Warning ! The CrackBerry website migration will take place this Saturday, February 26


Today is 2/22/22 which stuck number TWO in my head and made me realize it’s been a minute or two since I updated everyone on CrackBerry 2.0 relaunch progress. To fix this, here is an update starting with of them Exciting things are happening this Saturday:

1. CrackBerry turns 15!

February 26, 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the official launch of CrackBerry.com. Seriously, where does the time go? ! If you want a trip down memory lane, you can always read our original HELLO WORLD blog post and our official press release. The Internet remembers (almost) everything!

2. CrackBerry Website Migration

This Saturday afternoon starting around 3 p.m. ET, we will be taking our first rift to migrate the CrackBerry website from its existing servers to its new home. If all goes well, the process should take about four hours. There will be some downtime as we freeze the site and take it offline, copy the database to its new location, then bring it back online and restore services.

During this time you can follow me on twitter for updates over time. If all goes well, when the site comes back online, everything will look and work the same as it does now. We had to update A LOT of plumbing on the backend in preparation for the new server setup, so we may run into some issues when we get back online (probably minor issues with things like caching).

Please keep in mind that this is not about re-launching CB 2.0, but more about finalizing the process of buying CrackBerry and moving the website so that it is fully operational under my ownership. Many thanks to the technical team at Future PLC for helping with the process and huge props to TTK in particular who did a ton of heavy lifting to get things ready for this big day. Send good vibrations and cross your fingers that everything goes well. If we have any demo issues, the worst case scenario will be to go back to the current site and try again another day.

Once we’re done with the migration, we can really get to work reviving the effort.

Other Related Updates

Beyond the fun coming this Saturday, here are some other relevant updates regarding CrackBerry 2.0:

Bad news: the CrackBerry BB10 application will be available tomorrow

One of the back-end plumbing adjustments we need to make in preparation for the website migration is changing our CloudFlare account from Enterprise to Pro. The Pro account has limits on the number of redirects that can be made, and unfortunately the BB10 app has been coded to support http:// URL and does not support https://. With the limit of redirects, we will only servehttps:// – which is safer and how it should be done – but it means the CB BB10 app will crash. I know this is annoying for those of you who still access CrackBerry through the CB10 app on your BB10 device. We looked at the number of user agent requests from the CB10 application, and the less than ideal but tolerable The news here is that not many of you visit CrackBerry this way. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the affected members, the way to go is to view CrackBerry in a web browser or switch phones – we have CrackBerry Forums apps for Android and iOS that work well, and an App CrackBerry full slightly buggy on Android. As we re-launch CrackBerry this year, the first priority is to re-launch the website and from there we will be looking at new/updated apps for Android and iOS. Thanks for understanding here.

Good news: CrackBerry’s first VIP newsletter is out and the price of our first VIP-only giveaway is INCREDIBLY AWESOME

On February 4, I sent out the first mail to everyone who signed up to become a CrackBerry VIP FREE for Life. Later this week I will send the second mail and announce the winner of this prize. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still – Wednesday night at midnight ET will be my cut off to be In the VIP in order to have a chance to win the prize. If you do sign up, be sure to go back and read the first post for more details on how VIP works and pricing details.

Your chance to join the NEW crack team is coming soon

I intentionally delayed the publication of my CrackBerry 40 Year Vision Explained and Crack Team Call for help posts because there was simply a LOT of work behind the scenes that had to be done following the change of ownership and preparing for the website migration. With this work almost complete, I look forward to posting these posts soon and starting the fun part of this project and engaging with all of you who are looking to help out on CB 2.0. If you’ve been waiting for this to go live, thank you for your patience. It’s coming soon! In March, hopefully we’ll start seeing new content beyond BlackBerry on CrackBerry from contributors other than me!

With that, the break is over and it’s back to work. Talk to you 2 later!!

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