Waterline Renewal Technologies redesigns website incorporating new look with easy navigation


Waterline Renewal Technologies redesigns its website

“We are excited to roll out the redesigned website as it was developed with our customers in mind,” said Chris Duda, vice president of sales and marketing for Waterline Renewal Technologies.

Waterline Renewal Technologies, a holding company of Behrman Capital, is pleased to announce its new revamped website which serves as a comprehensive learning resource in support of its mission to provide trenchless remediation solutions for the construction industry. wastewater in North America. The website provides the public with easy navigation, a clean interface and the ability to quickly get information about trenchless rehabilitation solutions.

Developed with the help of Waterline Renewal Technologies’ marketing partner, Trenchless Innovation, the new look of the website offers a friendly and responsive user experience. In addition, it is intuitive and mobile-ready, so users can easily find the information they need on the job site or on the go by seamlessly retrieving tender documents, SDS sheets, construction studies. cases, white papers, videos and more.

“We are excited to roll out the redesigned website as it was developed with our customers in mind,” said Chris Duda, vice president of sales and marketing for Waterline Renewal Technologies. Our website will provide our installation partners with an educational experience while continuing to expand our market presence and become the trusted and unrivaled source of information on trenchless solutions.

Visitors to the newly redesigned website will receive detailed product information, training, upcoming events, blogging for installer based content, how to become a certified installer, company, news and careers. It will be updated regularly with new content for its audience. Explore the website at waterlinerenewal.com.

Waterline Renewal Technologies and its portfolio of brands are a leading supplier of engineered products used in the repair and trenchless rehabilitation of wastewater / stormwater infrastructure for municipal, commercial / industrial and residential applications, and provides a diverse line of products and services through its brands APM, LMK Technologies, Perma-Liner Industries, LightRay and Pipe Lining Supply. For more information, please visit waterlinerenewal.com.


About the APM

Since 1975, APM has been manufacturing high quality products for the repair of sewer lines and the restoration of seamless concrete pipes. It is the leading supplier of spray coatings, larger diameter manhole and pipe remediation solutions, and antibacterial agents for corrosion prevention. The Permaform system and ingenious solutions make it easy to replace concrete manhole pipes without digging and undermine the structural integrity of the area.

About LMK Technologies

LMK Technologies is the leading supplier to the municipal market that manufactures Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technologies that meet applicable ASTM standards, advanced products and proprietary manufactured equipment. Since 1993, LMK Technologies has provided all the training and equipment necessary for the proper installation of its products.

About Perma-Liner Industries

Perma-Liner Industries (PLI) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America, focused on the residential market. Since 1999, PLI has developed systems to rehabilitate existing sewer networks without excavation. PLI offers customizable Pull-In-Place and Inversion Lateral packages, from basic cures to turnkey and ambient cures to a heat-assisted cure.

About LightRay

LightRay manufactures cutting edge UV technology for the CIPP industry. This state-of-the-art solution opens up new opportunities for plumbers and contractors by dramatically reducing the time and resources required on the job site. By reducing both risk and cost with fast, high-quality results, LightRay is bringing trenchless industry into the 21st century.

About Pipe Liner Sourcing

Pipe Lining Supply is a leading manufacturer and distributor of materials and equipment used in the field of lateral sewer linings and drain, waste and vent rehabilitation (DWV). The company was formed to help customers who need training and support, as well as equipment and materials to rehabilitate aging sewer laterals and pipelines to make them look like new again. Pipe Lining Supply’s goal is to serve the industry with a full warehouse stocked with the best products at the lowest cost of timely delivery.

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