Why a website with explicit suicide instructions stays active


Gabriel JX Dance:

Yes, Daniel is a sad story.

He was a 16 year old boy in Salt Lake City, Utah, and living with his parents, mother and father and younger sister. His older brother had recently gone to college. And Daniel had an upset stomach, and it caused him great pain after he ate, as he and his family tried to figure out what the trouble was.

But Daniel turned to this suicide website, where he really dumped all of his fears and anxieties into the website. He was worried that he would never be able to recover from the stomach ailment. And a few days after his arrival, a member of the site encouraged him to use a specific method of dying, which is really tragic, as it was clear that Daniel did not know how to kill himself until he came to the site.

And, again, in a few days he was introduced to this method, and in three months he was dead on his bed, and his mother found him late that night. And his parents never knew he was at the site. In fact, they had no idea he was depressed.

I spoke with his best friend and his best friend’s mother. None of them had heard of this site. And all had wished that at any time, Daniel had mentioned that he was even thinking of killing himself, so that they could intervene.

But this website doesn’t really help people with interventions, as much as it helps them implement whatever type of plan they have to kill themselves.

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