You can now sample Nothing OS through its official launcher from Play Store


Carl Pei’s tech startup Nothing has now released its official launcher app on Google Play Store. As promised during the company’s “The Truth” keynote in March, this would allow users to test an early version of the Nothing OS platform which will debut with its very first smartphone, the Phone with nothing (1).

However, don’t expect the full Nothing OS experience, as the launch app version only focuses on showcasing graphics, animations, and a few platform-exclusive tricks. According to the company’s official blog, Nothing’s original clock and weather widgets are available in preview, wallpaper, as well as Max Icons and Max Folders feature where users can expand folders of apps or individual apps by holding and tapping their respective icons.

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Additionally, the company noted that additional content has also been made available as a separate download to further enrich the Nothing OS experience. These include two additional Nothing-themed wallpapers and three different ringtones tailored to Teenage Engineering – all of which can be downloaded via this link.

Unfortunately, Nothing notes that the launcher is only available for a handful of Android smartphones for now as it’s still in beta. Devices that currently support the app include the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series as well as Google Pixel 5 or later, while a OnePlus-compatible version is expected to arrive soon.

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Those using the aforementioned compatible devices can download the Nothing Launcher via Google Play Store. To enable it, just head to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Default home app, then select Nothing Launcher. Finally, you may also choose to provide your feedback or suggestions regarding your Nothing OS experience by contacting the Company via E-mail or his official Discord Server.

(Source: Nothing [official blog])

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