Zenfolio now offers its website builder service to UK photographers


Popular website builder for photographers, Zenfolio launched a new platform for its UK customers, six months after the company unveiled its new solution in the US.

The new platform combines a Website builder, photo gallery and e-commerce site solution, as well as CRM tools.

Available now, the solution integrates reservation, real-time planning, billing, payment and auto-fulfillment capabilities that allow photographers to spend more time behind the lens as the Zenfolio the platform works behind the scenes.

Portfolio for photographers

Built on a machine learning infrastructure, the platform offers analytical insights and recommendations, as well as photo search options.

Zenfolio said in a blog post that the new platform was launched to target photography businesses looking to manage and grow their profile.

“The UK has always been a very important market for Zenfolio and our new platform gives photographers sophisticated tools to improve their business productivity, with automated and efficient workflows for mobile-friendly interactions with their clients. clients. Said John Loughlin, CEO of Zenfolio.

The platform also enables intuitive selling, promotional coupon creation and ordering system for digital downloads as well as the automated fulfillment and shipment of laboratory photo products from One Vision Imaging (OVI).

The UK platform is slightly different from the US Zenfolio solution launched in April 2021. The US platform offers two plans, Portfolio and PortfolioPlus, while the UK platform offers an additional plan, Prosuite.

The Prosuite plan offers 1 TB of storage for photos and the maximum file size for photos on all Zenfolio plans is 100MB.

The Portfolio and PortfolioPlus plans were developed to meet the needs of aspiring and part-time photographers.

The solution uses automation to book new customers and send campaigns and promotions to customers via email. Zenfolio also added a people filtering solution that uses facial recognition software to help photographers and their clients search through hundreds of photos to streamline the photo proofing and selection process.

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